Transport workers strike in Finland from 15.2.2023

The collective bargaining negotiations in Finland have so far not resulted in an agreement.


The Transport Workers’ Union, AKT, started their strike this morning at 06:00.

It will cover all Finnish port operations, including unloading, loading, receipt and release of units.

That will mean that all trailers must be accompanied by the truck and driver in order to be loaded in the vessel and discharge of the vessel.


In order to continue the transportation traffic, extra costs of sending own driver with the unit will be needed.

As the drivers’ places in the boats are limited, we are already facing capacity limitations on certain lanes.


Unfortunately, the strike will also affect the local terminals who are handling the collection and distribution as well as the loading/unloading of our units.

Delays are informed to be up to 5 days and the longest the strike lasts, the longer the delays will be.


We are sorry for the inconveniences of this strike on your business and will try to help you out the best we can.


Please be in contact with our dedicated operational team by phone or email to check the status of your bookings or to our sales: