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Five reasons to choose sea freight as your mode of transport

In the world of transport, the abundance of options can be confusing, but sea freight stands out for many reasons. In this blog post, we’ll go through five valid reasons why ocean freight is often an excellent choice for your transport needs. From cost-effectiveness and the possibility of large volumes to more environmentally friendly alternatives, […]

Efficient Far East import with LCL sea freight

Global Trade has changed significantly past decade, and the growth of Far East markets has continued to increase. Companies all around the world are interested in taking advantage of Far East markets, but finding an efficient logistics solution can be challenging. LCL – sea freight is a convenient and efficient solution for importing from the […]

Seaworthy packing guide and container loading planning instructions

Logistics is a vital part of business that can have a significant impact on a company’s success. In this text, we focus on two key aspects of logistics: ocean packing and container loading planning. Packing is the process of securely packaging products for transport. This is particularly important when products are transported by sea, as […]

Basic information about the transport of dangerous goods

Us, freight forwarder, carrier and the sender, we have a mutual responsibility when transporting dangerous goods. The transport of dangerous goods is regulated by law and controlled by authorities. For common safety, it is important that both the consignor and the carrier undertake to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations when transporting dangerous goods. To speed […]

Starting guide to send goods

WHY? Being a reliable sender will help you to reduce delays and reduce transit time, but also to give a good picture of how you handle and manage your business. Discuss during your sales negotiations and signature of the contract about the terms of delivery. Most commonly and even more in the case of international […]