Efficient Far East import with LCL sea freight

Global Trade has changed significantly past decade, and the growth of Far East markets has continued to increase. Companies all around the world are interested in taking advantage of Far East markets, but finding an efficient logistics solution can be challenging. LCL – sea freight is a convenient and efficient solution for importing from the Far East for smaller shipments.

What is LCL ocean freight?

LCL (Less than Container Load) – ocean freight is a mode of transport, where goods from multiple senders are combined into one container. In other words, when shipments don’t fill the whole container, the goods are combined in a single container. This enables to transport of smaller shipments cost-effectively by sea freight.

The Far East Import by LCL – ocean freight: Why is it worth it?

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: in Far East Import, LCL – Sea freight is profitable because it enables to transport of smaller shipments by sea without a whole container. This decreases costs if we compare FCL (Full container load) or Air freight.
  2. Flexibility: For many companies, The Far East markets are still a new area. Companies are interested in the markets for different reasons. LCL enables flexibility because you don’t need to order large quantities to fill the container and there are flexible schedules.
  3. Smaller risk: There is a bigger risk when you import from the Far East for example delays and damage during transport. LCL – Sea freight can reduce these risks because freight from multiple shippers is consolidated into a single container, which can protect against the risks of individual shipments.
  4. Environmental friendliness: Over all sea freight is one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport. Importing LCL – sea freight and optimizing the space will reduce carbon footprint and contribute to sustainable development.

It’s important to choose an experienced and trusted partner when importing for the Far East. A high-quality logistics partner will offer the full package including sea loading/unloading, freight, import clearance and customer service. We have decades of solid experience with sea freight, and we offer comprehensive solutions to meet our customer’s specific needs.

Overall, the use of LCL ocean freight for Far East imports offers companies the opportunity to expand internationally efficiently and cost-effectively. This mode of transport is particularly suitable for companies with smaller shipments or those wishing to test the market before making larger commitments.

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Sea freight
shipments from three senders are combined in a container.