Positive feedback motivates

Logistics manager, Tuomas Niinistö, and forwarder, Jaana Huhtala, talk about their jobs at Beweship where working together and finding solutions are considered core values.

Tuomas Niinistö works at Beweship warehouse as logistics manager. He originally started working at Beweship in 2005 as storage worker after his friend recommended Beweship. He advanced to supervisory tasks and became a warehouse manager later on. Tuomas says that usually he always has a good time at work.

”It’s nice to come to work and people enjoy themselves here”, Niinistö says, and adds that they don’t really have shared saying at work but that the atmosphere in a small office is good and work humour brings people closer together.

Jaana Huhtala has been working at Beweship even longer than Tuomas. She first started working for Meritoimi in 1991 in Turku and moved to Beweship in 1995. Commercial studies and majoring in international trade gave a good base for forwarding work.

”My career and work tasks have advanced suitably”, Jaana tells, and adds that she is satisfied with her interesting and versatile work and the way her work tasks have increased year by year.

Good feedback gives boost to own performance

At work you usually have many things going on at the same time because you have to find solutions to open cases despite interruptions. The most important stakeholders are customers, other forwarding companies, shipping companies, airlines, customs and agents around the world.

In addition to his usual tasks, Tuomas is also responsible for finding new solutions and developing the work in general. Orders come quickly and sudden changes require flexibility and working with customers in order to find the best solutions. Communication with your colleagues is open and your team will give you feedback directly and honestly. Needs and new ideas are always discussed and together we always think how we can develop and make tasks easier if possible.

”Every day is different, every day brings new challenges and priorities”, Tuomas describes and continues that he often sees his work as consulting which is made according to customer queries and needs. “After all, it’s our customers’ job to sell the goods and our job to arrange logistics and warehousing”, Tuomas notes.

Positive feedback is received from both domestic and foreign stakeholders

“Everyone likes good feedback, it’s what gives you strength to do your work and serve your customers even better. Good feedback and direct thanks from a customer gives you a special kind of boost!”, Jaana laughs.

Tuomas also recalls fondly the feedback he has received from his customers, and the cooperation with companies in the logistics industry when help has been given and received on both sides and across company lines.

“Best feedback was when I received an email from a new customer: ‘Thank you all who worked tirelessly to get this issue resolved.’ We had a problem with a new program back then and we all worked long hours to get the problem solved. That feedback still makes me smile,” he adds.

Amongst many good memories, Tuomas recalls clearly one slightly more special shipment:

“Speaking of versatility, I remember one shipment when my colleagues had closed a deal where we had to ship three Formula 1 cars to Dubai.  They were used but there we were, handling the cars at the warehouse and there was a big crowd around us looking what we were doing. From a man’s point of view, it was a truly wonderful shipment to be part of”, Tuomas laughs.

Welcome to development!

New employee’s tasks include both storage location changes as well as following the day’s shipment schedule. A big part of the job is finding solutions to changing situations and helping others at the warehouse. Therefore, Tuomas wishes the new employee would have some experience from warehousing so that some understanding of the workings and processes of warehousing already exist.

”Some experience, no matter how little, with warehousing helps because every day is different and nothing happens ‘instantly’. Courage to take on new challenges and flexibility are essential in our team”, Tuomas says.

Everyone also gets to contribute to process formation. Beweship has introduced a new warehousing system and everyone gets to be involved in the development process. The aim is to create a flexible system and a good program which helps everyone at their jobs and supports the process as efficiently as possible.

”The program’s support helps with market booms, allows controlled growth and makes the job easier and more efficient. This way we can also relieve the workload during occasional order surges”, Tuomas describes.

Tuomas says that a new employee’s basic tasks include a lot of communication with customers which requires fast replying and readiness to take on new tasks.

”Conversations with customers are really important – we invest both in emails and phone calls”, he emphasizes.

The best thing about Beweship according to Tuomas is the feeling a small company gives – that there is an open communication line with everyone. There are no sections but things are talked through from side to side, between all departments. He says that it’s easy to be a manager to a good team.

”When customer sends a request that they need to get something or we have someone on sick leave, we can always find someone who stays and covers: ‘I can do it.’ I don’t have to ask anyone as the manager of the warehouse but we are flexible together”, Tuomas says gratefully.

Closely-knit work community gives room to boldness and openness

The work community is tight and many mutual tricks of the trade have melted the ice. The relaxed atmosphere adds to comfort and many times these work stories are told and laughed at together even after years. Common humour helps coping at work especially when it’s busy. The Beweship crowd is closely-knit and many old colleagues have remained as good friends.

”We have a good team spirit and no one is ever left alone with their workload. Often just having that support from your workmates helps you forward, even if they don’t know how to help you with your current work case”, Jaana encapsulates.

The ideal colleague according to Jaana is versatile and takes on new tasks boldly and can move from one task to another quickly. Accuracy is essential as well as coping well under pressure and stressful situations, and being flexible.

”You get to work on a wide range of tasks here – this is versatile and interesting work. When you’re bold and have an open mind, you get along well. We talk a lot with each other, with a happy attitude! This is customer service and succeeding in it: the existence of the company depends on us”, Jaana sums up.

Check out Beweship’s open positions and apply to become colleague for Tuomas and Jaana.