The joint mission of Oy Beweship Ab and Riege

We would like to thank Riege for publishing a post about our partnership on their website. We are delighted to see how they have highlighted our joint mission of delivering excellence in logistics. We appreciate their recognition of our professionalism, reliability and flexibility, as well as their support and innovation. We are proud to be part of their network of customers and partners, and we hope to continue our collaboration for many years to come.

Beweship and Riege have a strong and successful partnership that is based on mutual trust, respect and innovation. We share a common vision of providing the best possible solutions for the logistics industry, and we work together to achieve it.

Riege is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for the logistics industry. Their Scope platform is a powerful and versatile tool that enables us to manage our operations efficiently and securely, while also enhancing our customer service and communication. Scope integrates seamlessly with our existing systems and processes, and allows us to access and share data across our global network.

We have been working with Riege since 2020, and we are very satisfied with the collaboration. Riege’s team is always responsive, helpful and innovative. They understand our needs and challenges, and they constantly strive to improve their products and services. Riege’s Scope platform has helped us to streamline our workflows, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

We are honored to work with Riege, and we look forward to continuing our joint mission of delivering excellence in logistics. Together, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal.

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Bengt Westerholm, Sascha Plath (Riege Software) and Jani Hellsten in Scope Community meetup in Munich in May 2023