UPDDATE 10.2.2022 – Stevedoring industrial action ends // Labour contract negotiations for stevedoring industry 8.2.2022

Latest update 10th of February, 2022:

The Finnish Port Operators Association and Finnish Transport Workers’ Union (AKT)  have reached an agreement in the negotiations for new labour contract for stevedoring industry. The shift swap and overtime bans will cease immediately, and the threat of strike is withdrawn.


The national mediator will lead the labour contract negotiations for stevedoring industry from 31st of January 2022 onwards. The dispute concerns the level of salary increase. The Finnish Port Operators Association considers it important that the salary increases are carried out according to the export industry levels. If higher salary increases were to be approved, we would most likely have the same dispute each year.

Negotiations will resume on Monday. We will propose to the national mediator that the strike starting date will be moved by two weeks, that is – from 14th of February to 28th of February. This would give more time to find a solution and decrease the likelihood of a strike. If the decision about moving the starting date is not made by Thursday 10th of February latest, the strike will begin as originally announced on 14th of February.

Finnish Transport Workers’ Union’s (AKT) shift swap and overtime ban begun on 1st of February and continues for the time being.

We will update as the situation progresses.