EORI number required for trade with non-EU countries

Importer and exporter: you will need an EORI number from the Customs for trade with non-EU countries

New customs declarations for import will be introduced at the end of 2020. All exporters and importers must obtain an identification number from Customs, an EORI number. The EORI number will be required even if the customs declaration is made by a representative.

Most customs declarations require the declarant’s EORI number even now. In the future, only intrastat-declarations for intra-EU trade can be made without an EORI number.

If your organization does not yet have an EORI number, we recommend applying for one now. This way you can ensure that the number is available to you in good time before the new customs declarations are introduced.

ATTN! After Brexit transition time beginning from 1.1.2021 an EORI number is required also for trading with organizations from Great Britain.

Does your organization already have an EORI number?

  • country code FI and your business ID number in FIxxxxxxx-x format

If your organization does not yet have EORI number, you can apply for one here

  • EORI number applications use Suomi.fi identification and authorization. Additionally, Katso identification and authorization can be used for customers who cannot use Suomi.fi service yet


For more information:

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For more information, please contact your sales representative.


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