National Bring Your Child to Work Day

Finland held the second national Bring Your Child to Work Day on 24th of November 2017. The day is held on the same week as the Children’s Rights Week and its purpose is to show children where the adults who are important to them spend their days and what working really means. The popularity of the event has doubled from last year and this year Beweship also took part in the day.

Annaig Quéméré, the Manager of Central European Road Freight, took her sons, Lomig, 9, and Nolan, 11, to work with her. Lomig and Nolan were given visitor passes and they spent the morning familiarizing themselves with different departments’ normal working days both in the office and at the warehouse. In the office they interviewed Beweship employees about their jobs and what a normal working day entails from making estimate offers to meeting clients to coordinating shipments and checking invoices. The children also watched a video about customs dogs. At the warehouse, Lomig and Nolan saw how shipments were collected, packed and released to consignees. Watching CCTV footage and sitting inside a truck were especially memorable experiences for the children.

The visit to Beweship received full marks from both Lomig and Nolan and after the morning at Beweship, their day continued to their father’s workplace.