All emails follow the pattern (for specific operations)

For quotation request, please use the following email:


Annaig Quéméré

Western Europe


+358 40 354 4016

Mira Rantanen
Business Development Manager



Martti Kulo
Traffic Development Manager



Maëll Denis
Pricing Specialist, Spain and Portugal import


John Spiby
Deputy ManagerSpain, Great Britain, Switzerland and France


Asko Tynkkynen
Traffic Coordinator

Germany export

Benelux export



Anne Heikkilä
Traffic Coordinator Benelux import



Emmi Karvinen
Traffic Coordinator

Germany import

Italy import and export


Oona Maskulin
Traffic Coordinator Baltics and East-Europe


Peter Karlsson
Traffic Coordinator Sweden and Denmark import and export


Riina Virtanen
Traffic Coordinator Norway import and export


Pasi Rötsä
Traffic Coordinator



Andrei Danishevski
Product Sales Manager amp; CIS, Austria, Romania, Turkey and Hungary