Warehousing and much more

We can offer warehousing in Vantaa, Turku, Vaalimaa, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Gdynia and Budapest.

Warehousing services

We offer high-quality warehousing logistics services and have developed a software to manage our warehousing stocks. The basic warehousing services include:

  • long-term service warehousing (also customs bonded warehousing)
  • unloading of units and sorting of goods according to product groups
  • bookkeeping of shipments and confirmations to customers
  • collection by product groups according to order (customer-specific EDI solutions)
  • palletizing
  • printing and attaching of address labels and barcodes
  • terminal and cross docking services
  • inventory

Added value services

  • visual checking of goods and re-packing of goods
  • sorting of goods
  • sorting of goods and attachment of labels
  • customer’s possibility to check warehouse balance via web
  • automatic “best before” – alarms
  • customs documents
  • reports

Warehousing services are easy to order as part of the transport chain offered by Beweship. Local as well as international deliveries requested by warehousing service customers can be handled by Beweship.

Need assistance? please call 020 7857500 or e-mail sales@beweship.com